Tuesday, October 6, 2009

White Pizza with Arugula

I saw the recipe for White Pizza on Ezra Pound Cake's blog in my google reader the other day and just had a craving to make my own pizza dough. This recipe stuck out to me because it's easy! Most dough recipes I've seen take forever!



I made this pizza dough in under an hour without a stand mixer! I kneaded it by hand without any difficulty. I did use instant yeast, as that's what we had in the kitchen, but used a little less, as that's what google told me to do. Overall I got 4 personal pizzas out of the deal. Not bad!


This dough turned into a wonderfully light yet filling crust. I really liked the white pizzas, Alex said they were a bit dry. I will say I didn't use all the cheese it called for, as I didn't have it, and didn't buy any more because I thought I did. So perhaps if you use all the cheese it calls for, yours wouldn't be as dry. The following day we used the leftover dough to make a more traditional pizza with red sauce, and it turned out tasty for both of us!

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