Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chicken Gyros

I was so very excited to make these. Mostly, I was really psyched to make the pita bread. I have no idea why. I guess I'd never really made any sort of bread and I don't have a stand mixer, which most bread making requires. Hence, when I saw I could actually make the pita bread, without a mixer, and Alex and I usually love gyros, I jumped at the chance. Annie at Annie's Eats where I got this recipe, raved about them, so I was more excited.

However, I'm sad to say, this might be one of the first recipe reports on the blog, that, well, wasn't that good. Basically, it was kind of like grilled chicken with yogurt sauce. Which is fine, if that's what you want, but it wasn't anything at all like the chicken gyro's I've had in New York, or from the all fabulous Holy Land in Minneapolis for that matter. It was, quite simply, very plain. And we added lots of feta cheese and other fixings.


Now, before you go all crazy and say, But wait! Your gyro isn't even on a pita! You'd be correct. That's because, in all my excitement, I forgot to read the entire recipe for pita bread. This stuff takes a LONG time. So, we were much too hungry to wait. I did have the leftovers in a pita the next day though, still, grilled chicken, not gyro chicken.



I will say though, this was the best pita bread by far ever that I've had. So that part, at least was a success. I finally finished making them at like 11pm, so, though dinner was done, I did get a very tasty dessert. Behold, the clearly authentic, pita and nutella! Yum! :-)


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