Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunny San Diego Girls Weekend 2009

Sunny San Diego Girls Weekend 2009.

Two weekends ago I left the urban concrete of NYC and headed out see what all this California sunshine stuff was about. Some of my favorite ladies and I had an excellent time enjoying the beach and all the San Diego has to offer!

We arrived on Friday, myself from NYC, Laura from Minneapolis and Megan from Arizona! All parts of the country for this weekend! Jacquelyn met us at the airport and drove us out to her amazing apartment, literally, right on the beach! You can’t beat that!

View from Jacquelyn's apartment.


Although I was still super sick, boo, I was super excited to see everyone! Friday night we had pizza at Jacquelyn’s and then headed out to some of the local bars, walking distance from her apartment!

Saturday, still a little cloudy and windy, we walked out to the pier by Jacquelyn’s apartment and watched the surfers and even managed to spot some dolphins!



After meandering down the beach, we headed back to grab some sandwiches and drove over to La Jolla to see the seals. La Jolla was beautiful, a little too rich for my liking, but still the coastline was gorgeous. There was also a ton of seals on the beach, most of them lazy, but a few willing to play for some photographs!




At the seal beach in La Jolla.


Fun with crazy cows in La Jolla.


The sun came out later that afternoon and we were able to enjoy our picnic overlooking the ocean.

Saturday night involved sushi, wine, dancing, and good times had by all. It was Megan’s first time having sushi, but she was a trooper and gave it a try.


Sunday was a much more beautiful day, here was the sunshine I’d heard all about. We decided to drive out to Coronado, a city on an island in the bay. Beautiful. The beach here was HUGE. It was still a little chilly for swimsuits, but we able to enjoy the view and relax on the sand. We walked all around and then ended up at cute little sidewalk cafĂ© for lunch. Afterwards we headed to Yogurt Escape for dessert, my new favorite thing ever! You get a bowl, and then can fill it with whatever kinds of frozen yogurt you like, then add all of your favorite toppings. You pay by the ounce. It ended up being pretty cheap, and an awesome dessert. I need one of these in New York! …though in NYC I’m sure it would end up somehow being 12 dollars for a small sundae.



Alien seaweed at Coronado. This stuff was actually all over the San Diego beaches.


That evening we enjoyed the sunset and then went out for Vietnamese in Ocean Beach. This part of town seemed much more laid back then where we were staying, I wish we could have had more time there.





Monday I went for a run on the beach and it couldn’t have been better. I seriously think I would become some sort of crazy distance runner if I could run next to the waves all day.

Overall, a super fun trip and I would love to go back! Jacquelyn, we’ll be visiting you again soon!!


ps. I'm having trouble with my picture sizing, so apologies that some of these images are funny looking or chopped off!

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