Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Fortunate Spring

Spring has officially sprung on the east coast! I've been meaning to get out and shoot some of the blossoms that seem to have bloomed on every street in the city, but haven't quite had the chance. However, I did get a few happy flowers around our house to share this weekend!



There is also some other great spring news to share! This past weekend, I went to San Diego to have a girls weekend with some of my favorite ladies (pictures coming soon!) on our last night, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant and had fortune cookies. My fortune told me "You will receive pleasant news." This couldn't have been more accurate as I found out this week I was offered a full time job for a great organization! The Institute for Family Health. I'm very excited, and will actually be starting tomorrow. I have no idea how I managed to pull this off, not only changing fields into public health from education, but landing a job in these economic times in a city as competitive as NYC. I'm flabbergasted, but excited for the new challenges that lie ahead. I will even be heading to DC this coming week for a conference. Talk about hitting the ground running!


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