Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Cards Galore!

Every year around this time people start thinking about holiday cards. Some people send them out earlier then others, I’m always impressed by those first couple we receive well before the end of December.

I love getting them in the mail, it’s always fun to get something colorful in your box rather then another piece of junk mail or electricity bill. When I saw on Erin’s blog that Shutterfly was doing a promotion for 50 free cards for blogging about them, I knew I had to sign up. Ever since Alex and I started sending cards, we’ve gone through Shutterfly, so I can legitimately say they have good stuff to offer! The cards are super easy to put together, fast to upload photos, and ship nice and quick!

This year they have a great selection of designs to chose from: holiday, Christmas, winter, Hanukkah, whatever suits your fancy. If you’re like us and don’t quite manage to get your cards out by the holidays, they even have New Year’s cards to offer. Looking back at our cards, it seems we have a thing for snowflakes and snowmen.

While I'll keep this year's card a surprise, here are a few of our favorites from year's past...

Happy Holidays!

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