Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hiking in the Highlands!

This past Labor Day Alex and I decided we needed to get out and get some fresh air. Alex didn't have the chance to go hiking last time I went, so we decided it was high time he got out of the city too. We were going to go back to Harriman, but then decided climbing a mountain with views would be much more fun. I'd heard about the town of Cold Spring from my boss, did some googling, and found out it would be the perfect hike for us. My friend Louisa who took me hiking before had told us where to buy maps, so we grabbed one before we left and we were ready to go!

We took Metro North out of Grand Central and headed up early Monday morning. I love this train ride, it goes right along the Hudson and the scenery is just beautiful. The train ride was a little over an hour to the station at Cold Spring, not bad at all. From the station, it's about a 15 minute walk to the trail head. Cold Spring itself is an adorable little town with a surprising number of cute little restaurants, shops, and B&B's. We decided we'll certainly be coming back when we need a weekend away.


Old time gas pump in town.


The first trail we followed.


Hoping we're not lost 5 minutes in...


It was a cloudy day, but no rain, and much cooler then the days previous, so much better hiking weather for us.


So much green! As far as the eye can see!


It's much easier to tell this path leads in a circle when you're looking down from above... shoot.


Old man rock.



The group of buildings at the curve in the river is West Pointe Military Academy.


The first colors of autumn.


I'm so excited to come back in a few weeks for more foliage photos!



Precariously crossing the river... the imaginary river that is.


I couldn't decide, color or black and white?



Where we stopped for our picnic lunch.




I thought these were the coolest looking vines.


We had a great time, though a little strenuous at first, this hike ended easily and provided beautiful views of the river valley. I'm super excited to go back, hopefully soon!


goldiebear said...

This is beautiful! If I come visit will you take me here?

Emily said...

Re: Alex crossing the imaginary river

Up to his old antics again, eh? At least he wasn't wearing flip flops in a Thai waterfall.Do you recall the umbrella/waterfall photos?? :)

De Nueva said...

Yes, of course I remember the photos! And I told him to actually wear shoes, but he insisted otherwise. Crazy boy!