Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chicken Pesto Pizza

I was excited about this recipe for Chicken Pesto Pizza as soon as I saw it on Annie's Eats blog. I decided to whip this up for Saturday dinner, and it turned out great!

However, I have to note, I was all excited to try and make pizza dough, I had even bought the yeast and the bread flour and everything. Then, when I decided to make dinner on Saturday night, I realized making the dough was going to take at least 2 more hours. I was hungry NOW! So, alas, this was made with Trader Joe's pizza dough. Shoot. Next time, I promise. Though all the dough recipes I'm finding call for a stand mixer, which I lack. We'll have to see how this works out.

Before Baking.




Some notes:

I didn't follow Annie's recipe exactly. First, I clearly didn't make my own crust. Second, I subbed in plum tomatoes for cherry ones, and made my own version of pesto. I never actually follow a recipe for pesto, I throw some fresh basil, a clove of garlic or two, some olive oil, and parmesan cheese in a food processor and blend until smooth. I never have pine nuts, so I don't use them, I really don't think you can tell the difference.

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