Monday, May 18, 2009


For the past couple of years Alex and I have had the tradition of placing a little bet on the March Madness tournament. Whoever wins the bracket gets breakfast in bed. I was never really into basketball. However, it turns out when you have something riding on the score, things are a little more fun. The one rule we have is that you are not allowed to look at any sort of statistics, sports websites, or anything of that sort before making your picks. (Mainly so I would stand a fighting chance). The first year, I cleaned up... Go Gators! However, the second, I barely lost, and this year, well, let's just say I wasn't exactly on target with my picks, even for the sweet 16, shoot.

So, Alex won a brunch, and yes, it's May, but I finally got around to making his winnings.

On to the food! I went back and forth and couldn't decide for awhile, but finally settled on the following:

Cheddar Dill Scones
Salmon Egg Scramble
Homemade Cinnamon Buns

First, the scones. I debated between berry scones and these more savory ones, but in the end figured the savory would go better with the eggs. These were really tasty, and for my first time making any sort of bread, they were pretty easy too!



I also decided I wanted to make cinnamon rolls. Alex and I used to eat the Pillsbury ones all the time, the kind that you pop out of the tube, but then I realized these were maybe the one food in the whole world that actually have trans fat. Seriously. And I thought it was just made up! I've been seeing all these tasty recipes on Pioneer Woman, but all of these required a. a stand mixer and b. lots of hours for the dough to rise. Hence, as I had neither, I was very excited to find The Kitchen Sink's recipe that called for fast and easy and no rise time or stand mixers!

These were super yummy, though I admit, I had trouble making them pretty looking. My dough didn't roll quite as well as I would have liked.


So, my buns weren't going to win any beauty contests. However, they tasted great!


Lastly, Alex loves seafood, salmon in particular. He'll always order the salmon if we go out, especially in egg scrambles for breakfast. So I figured I'd make some. I was going to get smoked salmon, but it wasn't available by us, so I just went with a regular filet and cooked it in the frying pan before adding the eggs. I also mixed in cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, and fresh dill. This worked out beautifully and went really well with the scones!


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