Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spaghetti Sauce!

Allright. First off, this picture is terrible. My apologies. I had left my SLR at work for some promo stuff I'm shooting for them, and only had my point and shoot. I forgot how hard it was to take nice pictures in low light with a point and shoot. Oh well.

The point of everything is that this spaghetti sauce is fabulous. I decided I wanted to make a fun pasta dinner before our 5K the next morning. Because really, you need to carbo load for a 5K. :-). Anyhow, I've gotten addicted to making things from scratch and wanting to attempt another pasta sauce.

I found Blog Chef's recipe and it was awesome! We used about half spicy sausage and half ground beef. Otherwise, I followed the recipe with an extra clove of garlic or two. We simmered for only one hour because we were hungry! This stuff also freezes nicely.

As a side note for those who don't like their sauce too chunky, I gave this a few spins with the immersion blender and it was nice and smooth!

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