Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shooting With Both Eyes Open

That's one of the first things my photography professor told us. Shoot with both eyes open. That way you're still aware of what's going on around you as you're shooting. Trying this at first is a little dizzy-ing, but, you get used to it. Or, I'm trying to!

The class I'm taking is event and location photography. Basically, each week we meet for dinner and then head on location to shoot. So far, we've done sports photography and shot a rock music show. I'm learning a lot, and mainly, it's a time for me just to get out and PRACTICE! Which is so very important to my development as a photographer.

In any case, here a few shots from the Sports night, music on the way as soon as I can get through them!

Not quite as sharp as I'd like, but I still like the image.

Tip Off.

An attempt at panning. I still need work...

If only I had captured the ball as well! Shoot!

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