Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, new recipes are coming, I promise. I haven't faltered in my goal, I've been making something new each week! I just haven't gotten to typing them up. My plan was to do that Sunday or Monday... that was until I was struck with the most awful food poisoning ever. Gross. Let's just say I became very well acquainted with our bathroom floor. This weekend, cooking updates!, I promise!! 

In addition, I'll be starting my photography class at the School of Visual Arts next week. Exciting, but a little scary. I'm worried they're all going to be super professional crazy good NYC photographers. This city can be intimidating.  In any case, even if they are, I'm still excited, and WILL be getting out to shoot to soon.  I have for sure plans to head to the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown next weekend, so hopefully some inspired, colorful images to come! 

Thirdly, update, Guatemala! So, I get regular emails updating me of travel deals. One of these particular deals this week was for London. I love London. So very much. I was tempted. But then, when I actually went through the process, the annoying lame people at British Airways tacked on another $150 dollars in taxes. Despite telling me in the first place taxes were included. Lame. But, because I was bored, now tempted by cheap travel, and I like airfare searching, I randomly tried Kayak for tickets to Guatemala, which Alex and I have been discussing since before the Honeymoon, and, low and behold, $206! ROUNDTRIP! This, was unbelievable! I called and emailed Alex, and after much discussion later that night, we figured, how can we not?? We actually ended paying a tiny bit more to avoid spending the night in the airport and getting a direct flight, but still! Amazing deal. We'll only be gone for a week, but it should still be a fabulous time! Yay more travel photos!! 

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