Monday, November 8, 2010


That's a pretty big number. Last week I celebrated heading into the last year of my twenties.

In honor of the occasion, and the fact that I love making lists, I decided on a 30x30.

The first 30. I'm always scheming up new things I want to do. Often times when I'm telling Alex about all these cool things, he tells me I need to remember that I have actually already done some pretty fun things. And I shouldn't forget that. I figured this was a pretty good idea to remember, so thought I would start off my quest by listing 30 cool things I've done before turning 30.

The second 30. These are 30 things I hope to accomplish in the next year. Stay tuned, I will plan on a third rendition with the list of 30 post 30 in a year! :-)

30 awesome things DONE. (In no particular order other then my remembering them. Well, some things are probably in order. :-) )

1. Married a most amazing husband.
2. Managed to have a wedding story that involved: sunshine, hail, tornado wall clouds, and double rainbows.
3. Have kept in touch with and can still count many of the girls I was friends with in the 8th grade as some of favorite ladies. For some of you 6th grade! Wow, that's almost 20 years!
4. Lived in Spain
5. Lived in Ecuador
6. Taught English in a tiny indigenous village
7. Went sky-diving
8. Learned Spanish enough to pass for decently fluent-ish.
9. Pedaled furiously by bike to see sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
10. Hiked to the top of Macchu Picchu.
11. Cooked an entire Thanksgiving feast on my own, from scratch.
12. Ran a half marathon.
13. Completed 5 triathlons.
14. Started a photography business.
15. Backpacked across Spain, France and Italy solo.
16. Survived a move to one of the craziest cities in the world. And learned to love it.
17. Consumed street food on 6 continents.
18. Completed a fast paced, though complete RTW trip.
19. Spent a night in the Sahara Desert.
20. Walked through the Sistine Chapel and saw Michelangelo's David.
21. Picked out fish fresh off the beach from the Dakar fish market.
22. Rode a motorbike through the Vietnamese country-side. (Rode not Drove, I let Alex do that.)
23. Got a black belt in Taekwondo.
24. Saw monkeys in Tikal.
25. Surfed in Hawaii. (Surfed is a big word here. More like stood up on a board while drifting on a ripple, however, I'm counting it. :-) )
26. Learned and now regularly practice yoga.
27. Snorkeled with sharks in Thailand.
28. Learned how to cook from scratch without a recipe.
29. Went white water rafting.
30. Went wine tasting in France, New Zealand, Hungary, California, and New York.

30 things TO DO before 30:
1. Run a half marathon under 2:30.
2. Finish an olympic distance triathlon.
3. Bake leavened bread.
4. Get a logo designed for my photo business.
5. Take more photography classes/workshops. (At least 2!)
6. Learn web design. (Basic web design)
7. Build my photo business.
8. Bake a pie completely from scratch, crust included.
9. Make apple crisp.
10. Make homemade cheese.
11. Run a 10K in under one hour.
12. Plan a 30th birthday trip extravaganza! (I have many ideas, now to buy the tickets)
13. Stay at a beach house on Long Island.
14. Get new glasses/contacts.
15. Bake something without a recipe.
16. Go fruit picking.
17. Design a better website/blog
18. Learn more about investing, and where my retirement deductions are actually going.
19. Cross country ski.
20. Make a meal from every country I've traveled to.
21. Try a new NY restaurant every month.
22. Make pasta from scratch.
23. Organize my recipe file.
24. Organize my drawers.
25. Rent a cabin on the fingerlakes.
26. Go somewhere awesome with our free AirTran tickets.
27. Have a dinner party. (This may be tricky in our little space...)
28. Get out to shoot more for fun in NYC.
29. Complete more countries for our 80 dates challenge.
30. Find direction. I'm determined to figure this out before next year.


Erin said...

I'm glad you listed out all the stuff you HAVE done - definitely an extensive list, and you certainly could have added more!

Lori Gartner said...

I can help you with the cross country skiing!!! We've got an awesome park in Eagan (Lebanon HIlls) that Jeff and I enjoy. Cute idea to make a list for the year though! You picked some good goals!