Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To New Beginnings

From this weekend...

To New Beginnings

Today I was happy. I was happy to be where I am. I was happy to walk where I live.

Today I woke up after a quiet night’s sleep that was not punctuated by loud voices, and sirens, and car alarms.
Today I bought fresh beautiful produce from a local independent grocer.
I discussed my purchase of a pasture raised chicken and drooled over the delicious looking prosciutto and grass fed steak cuts with the butcher at New York’s oldest meat shop.
I admired the local neighborhood park, and thought about reading a book there in the springtime.
I checked out a vegetarian cookbook from the library that wasn’t even reserved for me.
I went for a run by the waterfront and was never yelled at or given a funny look.
I purchased a beautiful wedge of delicious manchego.
I partook in a free wine sampling.
I perused the local community bookstore.

All within a few blocks of my apartment.

Today I finally felt the exhaustion of the past 16 months begin to lift.

Today New York made sense.

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