Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Parsnip Apple Soup: Eating Local in January


Living in NYC means we're lucky enough to have access to a farmers market year round. Though the selections certainly are few, there are still many tasty goodies to be had. Meats, cheeses, eggs, root vegetables, and apples; piles and piles of apples! I just learned that apparently New York is the second largest producer of apples in the country.


Today I picked up a few of those apples along with some parsnips and onions and headed home to see what I could make. I was originally going to make our usual soup with ginger and carrots and such, but then looked through the new cookbook I got for Christmas, The Cafe Brenda Cookbook, and found this recipe instead. (I know Cafe Brenda is closing or now closed, so I'm happy to have snagged this cookbook, as there are a lot of tasty recipes in here!)



This soup was a little different, but both Alex and I really enjoyed it. The savory of the parsnips blended perfectly with the tartness of the granny smith apples. It was light, but still a warm winter soup.


Parsnip Apple Soup
The Cafe Brenda Cookbook

2 TBS Butter
2 medium onions, chopped
3-4 cloves garlic, chopped
3 Cups peeled and chopped parsnips (About 3 large Parsnips)
1 large tart apple, chopped (about 2 cups)
4.5 - 5 Cups stock (chicken or veggie stock)
salt and pepper to taste


Saute onions and garlic in butter for 3-5 minutes, until tender. add parsnips and apple, saute for an additional 3-5 minutes. Add soup stock. Simmer, covered, over low heat until veggies are tender, approximately 20-30 minutes.

Blend until smooth. ENJOY!


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