Monday, May 25, 2009

Shades of Green in the City

Alex and I managed to get out and explore quite a bit of the city this weekend. On Saturday, we made our way into Greenpoint, a neighborhood just north of Williamsburg for a BBQ Pub Crawl. This neighborhood is heavily Polish, and had a lot of fun little bars and shops. The pub crawl offered free food at each bar, and then discounted drinks as well. We managed to even find a new Alligator Bar (The place that gives free pizza with each beverage)!

On Sunday, we headed out to another new neighborhood in Brooklyn, Fort Greene, for the Dance Africa Street Bazaar. This was really interesting, and a fun carnival to see. I brought my camera, but didn't manage to take any pictures, we were doing lots of browsing of the great art and crafts and licking our fingers with tasty BBQ. It then started to rain, so we headed home. As we made our way out of the subway and back into Bushwick, we found our neighbors having a huge BBQ in our front yard. They invited us to join and we had a good time spending the evening speaking a little Spanish and enjoying a ton of tasty food!


Today although we were supposed to be on a rooftop in Tribeca, plans were canceled. We ended up heading into Central Park and had a great afternoon relaxing, throwing the frisbee, and enjoying the sun! I did manage to finally take some pictures today, it's so nice to enjoy some green now that it's summer in the city!

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