Monday, May 4, 2009

DC and Alexandria

I've made it to week 3 of the new job! I have to say, things are good, but overwhelming. I don't think I've ever been kept quite so busy, but I'm learning lots, which is always good.

In my first week, after only two days in the office, I was sent off to a conference in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of DC. After taking the train from New York, which by the way, was highly awesome, I dropped off my bags at the hotel and took the metro back into Washington to take some photos and enjoy the afternoon, as the conference didn't start until Thursday. I only brought my 18-200, but still had a good time taking a few shots.




I hadn't been to DC since my eighth grade class trip, I remember parts but not too much. Everything was in bloom or super green and it was beautiful. A nice change from New York. (Though now NYC is nicely green!)







After my monument afternoon, the next days were packed with conference. Lots of lectures, and acronyms, and learning about things I only sort of understood. However, I did get to meet people from all over the country which was great! And, in the evenings and in the mornings when I went running, I got to explore old town Alexandria, which was adorable. Cobblestone streets, cute little shops, and lots of quaint little restaurants. I loved it.








I like the Ethiopian craft store behind the fine art boutique.


Why is there a horse in a truck? We have no idea.


And finally, if anyone can tell me what "Kiss and Ride" is, that would be much appreciated. :-)

Upon returning, Alex and I went out to celebrate the new employment at a place called Tree. I have to say, one of my favorite places we've hit in the city thus far. It was nice enough to sit out in their garden (NYC places have "gardens" rather then patios.) We had appetizers of mussels and a beautiful salad, and then both had the salmon over potato polenta with goat cheese and some mixed greens. It was delicious! We also found out that they have a 3 course tasting menu for $25 every night from 5-7, too bad we had reservations for 8pm! Shoot! Next time for sure.


Kate said...

I got my 18-200 recalibrated and it's way better. You can send it to nikon and they'll do it for you (for a price, of course)

Erin said...

Love the photos!

goldiebear said...

I lived in Alexandria when I was out there. Man, I really miss DC. I glad you had a great time! ;-)

Erin Trenda said...

Love the photos. It makes me miss the DC area so much. As for Kiss & Ride, it is where you can drop people off and pick them up when they ride the Metro. Variation of the Park & Ride -- you kiss goodbye in the morning and hello at night when being picked up from the station.